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Vessel Services

Our company provides vessel chandling services to vessels moored at the Port of Stockton. The City of Stockton had considerable Asian populations (Filipinos, Vietnamese, Laos, Chinese, etc., among others) hence we specialized on Asian products. We will try to procure and deliver provisions to your vessel as soon as the vessel is "cleared" by immigration officials and other authorities. As we are based locally, rest assured that we strive to deliver the freshest meat, seafoods and produce that are available in our area. We can also buy smaller items on your behalf and deliver those to your vessel with reasonable delivery charges. 

We offer a low-cost and safe crew transport service from the Port of Stockton to local malls and stores within the city.  Just call mobile number 1-209-373-5041 and/or email us at to schedule your mall shopping adventures today.

From time to time, vessels will have guests, visitors, and contractors that needed to be onboard to conduct official and personal business. Our company can provide TWIC escort and/or transportation to concerned individuals. Please consult our rates page for current escort fees. You may also email us at to schedule your escort/transportation. Please consult the vessel agent/s assigned to your vessel for guidance and documentation requirements prior to your entry to the Port of Stockton. 


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After a long voyage from the world's oceans, vessel crew deserved "hot meals" that's made from the freshest meat, seafoods, and produce courtesy of the locally rich California farms and  established foreign source suppliers.

Our company can help to procure and deliver these products in a timely manner. Vessel provisions quotation/orders can be arranged by emailing us at or calling us at Mobile # 1-209-373-5041.  Actual provisions price list will be provided upon confirmation of official vessel emails or vessel officer emails.  Please click on the link for products available from local suppliers.

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